Essay on Honesty with Quotations for Students

The importance of honesty essays for Grades 10, 12, and Graduation | Truthfulness is the best policy. Essay

Here is a sample essay about honesty suitable for schools 10 through 12 as well as for graduation. If the exam question asks students to write an essay on honesty, honesty is the best policy, or the value of honesty, they may use the same essay. This essay includes some quotes as well.

Essay on Integrity for Grades 9, 10, 12, FSC, BA, and BSC | How Important Honesty Is
Being honest is an excellent moral quality. Dealing justly and fairly with everyone is how it is defined. It implies that one should always speak and act in a real and honest manner. He ought to put into practise whatever he considers right and true. Sincerity, justice, and accuracy are requirements for an honest act. The foundational virtue of a man’s character is honesty. Every society needs it in order to advance and expand. Honesty is the cornerstone of every society. Between honesty and dishonesty, there is a clear distinction.

The first chapter of the wisdom book is honesty.

In society, an honest individual is held in high regard. People regard him with respect and adoration. He is content and secure in his life. He is morally upright. An honest individual does not become depressed if his aim is unsuccessful. He is aware that he has not misled anyone. He won’t blame honesty alone for his failure. A liar has no friends in the community. Everyone does not have faith in him. He seeks quick fixes to financial success. He connives with others and cheats them. He feels a huge feeling of loss as a result of his failure. His conscience does not give him any solace. Large nations are subject to the same rules.

Sincerity leaves the richest legacy.

Most of the major world powers are dishonest. They say one thing, yet act differently. They defraud the developing nations. They proclaim a message of peace while secretly preparing for conflict. They dishonestly tell lies. Every action they take is dishonest. The ability to be honest is not innate. Later on, we learn that we can develop this characteristic through education and training. It requires discipline and consistency in routines. An honest individual experiences a lot of difficulties in life. He must resist numerous material temptations. He must put aside his egocentric goals. He ought to check to see if his words and deeds are taken into account. He needs a check on his actions. It demonstrates that with tremendous effort and hardship, a man can learn the virtue of honesty.

We might use the great thinkers, reformers, and religious figures who gave much of themselves for the sake of honesty as examples here. It won’t be out of place to mention the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) example here. He was a really honest individual. Even his adversaries recognised and admired him for his honesty. He was referred to as Amin. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) maintained complete consistency in both his thoughts and deeds. He remained steadfast in his sincere and truthful position. Despite facing numerous challenges, he (PBUH) remained honest. We use Quaid-i-Azam as an example here. He was also a person of integrity. He didn’t give his foes a piece of his mind. In the same way that other thinkers and reformers gave their lives for the sake of truth and honesty, it was his passion of honesty and candour that helped us win Pakistan.

The quickest way to stop a mistake from becoming a failure is via honesty.
Honesty is waning in popularity in our culture. People are searching for shady ways to flourish. They want financial success through dishonest means. Most store owners, businesspeople, and public figures engage in dishonest business practises. The government employees do not faithfully do their duties. They take bribes in exchange for stealing money. Because they exclude facts, the radio, television, and newspaper are likewise dishonest. Without a doubt, there are honest people in every area, but being honest comes with a high price. But ultimately, they come out on top. We might assert that if we make an effort to be honest, both our moral and financial standing will improve. Honesty is the best policy, as is often said. After some time, honesty’s rewards can be enjoyed.

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