Essay on Hobbies with Outline | Leisure and How to Use it

Essay on Hobbies with an Outline for High School, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Second Year, Intermediate, BA, and BSC | Leisure and How to Use It

Here is a sample essay on hobbies that includes an outline for students in grades 10, 12, and graduate. A competent student should begin their essay on hobbies with an outline before moving on to explore both excellent and undesirable hobbies. He must be aware of the benefits of good hobbies, which entails making the best use of free time, as well as the drawbacks of bad hobbies.

Essay on Hobbies and Leisure with an Outline for Grades 10, 12, and Graduation
How to enjoy yourself
Why do individuals get into hobbies?
Different Hobbies
Benefits of Healthy Activities and Good Hobbies
Some Illustrations of Good Hobbies
Negative effects of unhealthy occupations and bad hobbies
Some examples of poor hobbies
How to Use Your Leisure Time. Everyone desires leisure time after a long day of work. Modern day life is highly hectic. Everybody is involved in at least one issue. He seems concerned and nervous. He is constantly conscious of the weight of his effort. His weary body yearns for relaxation and sleep. Because of this, every employee has access to a weekly holiday. The intention is to calm the frazzled nerves. Everyone has a different way of unwinding. Hobbies are the pursuits we engage in during our free time. There are two categories of activities that people engage in to unwind: good activities and bad activities.

There are various healthy pastimes and leisure activities available. There are numerous different healthy activities. Some people engage in sports and activities to decompress their nerves. The games appeal to them. The games keep kids engaged and intelligent. They keep them from gaining weight. They get them ready to work with delight and complete satisfaction the next day. Sports and games also have a positive impact on a person’s character. Sports and games can be categorised into two categories: indoor sports and outdoor sports.

Outdoor games are extremely beneficial for a man’s mental and physical growth. Football, hockey, cricket, and swimming are examples of outdoor games. These are the people’s favourite games. They attract a lot of attention and are monitored closely. People engage in indoor activities during their free time. They enjoy reading books and watching TV. There is a delight to reading books on its own. It increases our knowledge and opens up our minds.

seated in front of the TV. too is a good thing to do. We learn things after watching a variety of fascinating TV shows. The human mind benefits greatly from these healthful pursuits. On the other hand, binge-viewing TV is detrimental, and young people should avoid watching immoral programming.

However, some people have learned to adopt unhealthy hobbies and bad addictions to accomplish in their spare time. There are those that engage in unhealthy hobbies during their free time. In western nations, people turn to drinking and gambling when they feel exhausted. Drinking has a negative impact and has destroyed many families in Asian nations. The health, wealth, and reputation of man are all threatened by this societal ill. Even gambling has drawbacks. Gambling is a time and money waster. A pleasant home cannot be maintained by a gambler and a drunkard.

Some people enjoy watching filthy movies on television or the internet and reading offensive novels in their spare time. These are unhealthy activities that harm their wellbeing and way of life. They have a detrimental effect on the individual who is involved’s body, mind, and character. Racing horses is a time- and money-waster for many people. A form of gambling is horse racing. We are wasting our time and money. A horse racer can only engage in horse racing. They are totally engrossed in this endeavour. Their situation is similarly dreadful.

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