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Essay about My Happiest Day in Life

God has blessed us greatly with happiness. Although I have experienced many pleasant moments in my life, passing the S.S. Examination was the day that I felt the happiest. The happiest day of my life, in fact.

The date was August 25, 2002. I was awaiting the results of my S.S. Exam with much anticipation. I was majoring in science. I had been studying nonstop to pass the test with excellent scores. My ability to get into First-Year (Pre-medical) Class depends on my ability to achieve excellent grades. Despite doing my assignments well, I was still concerned.

On one occasion, my older brother arrived with a newspaper at nine o’clock. It happened on August 25. He appeared to be extremely content. He announced that the S.S. exam results had been released. My dad pulled the newspaper away from him and started looking up my registration number. My heart was pumping quickly. My father suddenly screamed:

“Good job, my boy! You have a first division that is excellent.

I thanked God for letting me know that I had earned 800 out of 900 possible points. My happiness was limitless. Congratulating me were my parents, brothers, and sisters. My mum gave me a loving kiss. Everyone in my family was ecstatic.

My father immediately said that he would plan a lavish feast for that evening to commemorate my outstanding exam performance. All of his pals were also invited. My family, friends, and relatives showered me with praise and garlands. They also presented me with several gifts. Sweets were also given out to the underprivileged and children after the feast. I was genuinely overjoyed.

To sum up, I would say that August 25, 2002, was the best day of my life. I will never forget this day. My life’s most unforgettable day is right now. This day was the beginning of my wonderful future, which offered me and my parents endless joys.

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