Essay on Fashion with Quotations – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Example Fashion Essay with Quotes for FSC, ICS, ICom (2nd Year), and Graduation Students

A fashion is any particular make, shape, style, or pattern that is popular with most people. It consists of many different items, such as clothing, jewellery, furniture, books, and hairstyles.
One of Matthew Arnold’s heroes, Sainte-Beuve, exclaims, “Style is the man.

One of Matthew Arnold’s intellectual viewpoints is expressed in the quote above. Some people think that without fashion, life is not worth living. Everyone wants to appear trendy and attractive, so they spend a lot of money on their hairstyle, makeup, clothes, and shoes. Changing trends are constant. A trend that is popular today can be outmoded tomorrow. Since the beginning of human society, fashions have existed. In today’s world, the fashion industry is nothing new. For their daily survival, millions and thousands of individuals depend on shifting passions.
“What we love shapes and fashions us.” Jonathan Wolfgang

In the west, fashions typically have their roots. Parties and social events are held in Pakistan as well, where attendees compete to outdo one another in terms of attire and appearance. These clothes travel from the west to the developing nations. By the time the poor countries’ populations adopt these trends, the westerners have moved on to new ones, and the fashion business continues to thrive. Fashions and fads have also benefited significantly from the media. There are catwalk fashion shows, beauty pageants, and competitions for creating dresses. television dramas, particularly soap operas on channels like Star Plus. The fashion obsession among the various classes of people has also been sparked by movies and music videos, which is a bad trend.

Aldous Huxley believed that our inner selves or souls determine whether we are beautiful or ugly, not fashions and trends, which make us look attractive and unique from other people. The state of our soul will always be reflected in our exterior appearance if we are bored, despondent, or morally deficient. Our skin glows and our eyes shine because of the purity and beauty of our spirit. Then, fashions are merely a mask or cover that covers our reality and makes us appear lovely on the outside.
“We have to change fashion every six months because it is an unacceptable type of ugliness.” by Oscar Wilde

The fashion frenzy is more prevalent among women and young people. For those who are interested in learning more about how fashion affects guys, a visit to a modern college might be a fascinating experiment. Both boys and girls spend a lot of time on the bathroom floor. Students that are female go much further. They see fashion as their unique right. Girls have an innate and natural love of lovely clothes, and in college they have a real chance to indulge that passion. Lipsticks, powder, and cream are among the items that girls spend a lot of money on. These Juilets employ scents and perfumes to entice and stir their Romeos. These young people obviously don’t take their academics seriously. They may forget mathematical formulas, but they never forget the titles of movies. Women naturally want to improve their appearance. However, they should place more value on the purity of their soul than on how they appear on the outside. Our peace of mind, soul contentment, and spiritual bliss will make us appear more appealing than beauty products, salons, expensive outfits, and stylish shoes.

Because western culture and civilisation are empty and the people there are spiritually dead, we shouldn’t copy them or other cultures. A prominent author once said that if we maintain our naturalness, innocence, and purity of heart and spirit, we may have our own style.
Fashions come and go, but style endures. Yves Saint Laurent

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