Essay on Eid ul Fitr as an Islamic Festival

Eid al Fitr essays for grades 10, 12, and graduation

For class 10 students, class 12 students, and graduates, here is an essay about Eid ul Fitr. Under the tile, students may write the same essay. Islamic festival Eid ul Fitr essay, essay about Eid ul Fitr, essay on Islamic holiday. The celebration of this Islamic holiday will be covered in this essay. Essay on Islamic Society is available here.

Essay about Eid ul Fitr for High School, College, BA, and BSC
Festivals have a significant role in the culture of any country. They are times for joy and celebration. They are frequently honoured with a lot of fanfare. All men, women, and kids take pleasure in these celebrations. Muslims celebrate two religious holidays. Muslims commemorate them with great fervour and holiness all across the world. These celebrations are Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, two Eids. Both are occasions for celebration and prayer.

Eid-ul-Fitr is a significant Muslim holy holiday. Muslims throughout in the globe observe it. It follows the holy month of Ramzan’s conclusion. This is a time to celebrate and have a good time. For Muslims, Ramadan is the month of fasting. At the end of this month occurs Eid ul Fitr. The moment the moon is sighted, it is celebrated. People send each other “Eid Mubarak” messages after seeing the moon. Crackers have been broken. The kids seem really content. On Eid, they like donning new attire.

Muslims are quite enthusiastic in their celebration of the Eid festival. Preparations for the Eid’s celebration begin many days in advance. On this day, there are a tonne of men, women, and kids in the bazaars and markets. Before Eid, prices for many items increase. Toys, bracelets, and perfumes all saw increases in price. There are racks upon racks of new clothing and footwear.

Children rise early on the day of Eid. They don a brand-new dress. Older individuals dress neatly. Everyone makes a beeline for the Eid Gah to offer his prayers. They go home after praying and spend the day with friends and family. Every home cooks delicious meals. They are traded among family and friends. Because most people enjoy rides and go to see friends and family, “Tonga and Rikshaw wala” make a lot of money.

Shops are adorned and attract a lot of business. In communities, girls enjoy swinging under large trees. Gifts, greetings, and packages are exchanged.

A “Mela” is held in a public area just for kids. The peddlers provide toys, bangles, and other unique goods. The kids gladly purchase these items. Large meals and parties are planned for the evening.

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