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The activity of conditioning the body or mind to behave in accordance with rules and regulations results in discipline, which is a regulated behaviour. The spirit and spice of life are discipline. Without discipline, life is like a journey on an uncharted ocean with our maps and instruments of navigation. The force of discipline integrates all of man’s efforts to accomplish something worthwhile and amazing.

“Some individuals see discipline as a burden. For me, it’s a form of order that gives me permission to soar.

Even disciplined insects like ants move in a systematic manner to their target and achieve harmony among their components. They appear to be moving like an army. It never notices any disorder or symmetry in the mountains. Planet in rotation moves in a certain order. They revolve about their predetermined routes or orbits. There is a sense that everything in the cosmos is connected.

The training regimen for our armed forces is predetermined and divided into several phases. All phenomena and processes follow a similar pattern or mechanism. For a country to advance and prosper, discipline is crucial. A disciplined nation may achieve great things in science, technology, and business. The world’s most powerful countries exhibit extraordinary discipline; otherwise, they would not have attained their current position. Nations that are led by disciplined people advance quickly. As long as we remain disciplined, we can reach our goals and objectives. Discipline helps us plan for the future by conserving resources.

“To a child, discipline is a sign of care. Guidance is discipline. There is no such thing as being too tough with a child if there is love.

Five times a day of prayer sends a strong message of structure and discipline. We uphold discipline among ourselves and adhere to a strict code of behaviour. We gain concentrated power from discipline. If we practise good discipline, we can accomplish our goals. A joyful, straightforward individual who practises discipline is disciplined. having an understanding of his capabilities, prospects, resources, and the path he must take.

A person who lacks discipline is wayward and unsuccessful. He wastes energy and minimises his skills. He makes an attempt, but it is not a deliberate or well-planned one. The degree to which we are disciplined greatly influences what we win or lose.

In conclusion, it is a well-known fact that life on this planet would be utter chaos without discipline. It controls and focuses our energies in a constructive manner, bringing charm to otherwise unattractive items.

Age does not acquire worth unless it is thought about and practiced.

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