Essay on Corruption with Quotations and Outline

Essay on Corruption with Quotations and Outline

Write an Essay about Corruption for BA and BSC Students Using Quotes and an Outline

Essay on corruption with quotations is crucial in light of various tests for all boards and universities. This essay on corruption includes an outline and quotes. We shall talk about how pervasive corruption is in this article. The causes of corruption and solutions. This essay will go through corruption’s causes and possible solutions. In order to recall anything, students should first memorise the outline.

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Both the giver and the taker of bribes are damned to hell.

Corruption is a social ill with many facets. It is the primary issue facing today’s world. It has stuck with humanity like an uncurable illness. There is a general moral decline in the society. In practically every area of society, corruption has expanded due to nepotism, the misuse of public funds, and a lack of accountability. The legal system and the educational system are not exempt. They have also developed into a corrupting environment.

The national existence is severely threatened by corruption. It undermines a civil society’s entire framework of moral, ethical, and religious norms. The lines between good and wrong are blurred. Military coups and revolutions become commonplace. In actuality, corruption has historically been a major factor in the collapse of many states.

Our economic, social, and cultural pursuits now almost entirely include corruption. The entire system is tainted from the bottom up. The dishonest people fool others using very astonishing methods and unexpected ploys. Almost everyone, from a peon to the boss, is either directly or indirectly implicated in corruption. Typically, the tax and police departments were known for their corruption. But now, every area of the government is affected by this wickedness. It has deeply permeated our social structure and rusted the workings of the administration.

The moral foundation of our society has been completely eroded by corruption, nepotism, and the abuse of authority. Nearly all civil and military officials have become corrupted. For the sake of monetary gain, they engage in the most heinous moral transgressions.

The incidence of corruption is influenced by a number of factors. First, due of the economic uncertainty in our society, people are not happy.

Everyone strives to feather their own nest because they want to get wealthy over night. Second, our civilization is experiencing unbridled inflation. The salaries of public servants do not allow them to maintain their quality of living. They are therefore persuaded to take the offer. Third, the corruption blossom is watered by politicians’ and public officials’ lack of responsibility. Four, the majority of individuals disregard moral and religious traditions. At any cost, they seek to gain fortune. They lack morality and morality.

“God is present in man through his conscience.” (Swedenborg)

We must eradicate corruption in order to eradicate corruption. We need to strengthen our ties to religion so that it can guide us in the correct direction. All responsible politicians and authorities must answer for their actions. The anti-corruption division needs the authority to punish corrupt individuals with exemplary sanctions.

“Corruption is like a snowball; once it starts rolling, it must get bigger” Caleb Charles

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