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Essay on Computers for Exam

Here is an example of a computer essay using English quotations for FSC students. Class 12 students can prepare it with quotes and without the use of the internet. B.A. students, however, are required to incorporate the Outline in their essay. A man’s way of thinking has changed as a result of the invention of the computer. There is a lot of benefits to using a computer, but there are also some drawbacks. The identical essay may be written by students from several courses under the headings “Essay on Computer,” “Computer Essay in English,” “Essay on Computer’s Importance,” “Essay on Computer’s Uses,” and “Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Essay.” You can click on this link to read more writings with quotations.

A Computer Essay with an Outline and Quotations

an incredible modern invention.
Computers are examples of electronics.
the way that computers have evolved.
Every industry uses computers today.
Without the computer, the planet would be abandoned.
The computer is one of the marvels of contemporary science. It has altered every aspect of existence and expanded man’s mental horizons. Thanks to computer technology’s effectiveness and perfection, formerly inconceivable undertakings are now possible. Information has diffused globally through the internet, transforming the world into a global village.

I have no phobia of computers. A lack of them worries me. — I. A. Asimov
A computer is an electronic device that can follow instructions to carry out a number of mathematical or logical operations. The term “compute,” which meaning “to count,” is the origin of the word “computer.” Software plus “hardware” make up a computer. Software refers to computer programmes that direct and regulate how hardware functions. Hardware refers to the actual components of a computer.

Computers did not appear out of nowhere. It underwent centuries of evolution. Computers were initially large in size. They were expensive and took a long time. The field of computers has undergone significant advancement over time. Computers today are quick, cheap, and intelligent.

The purpose of the computer’s creation was to address previously unsolved challenges. – Mr. Bill Gates
In the domains of medicine, education, commerce, banking, construction, communication, entertainment, research-related jobs, and science, computers are utilised to explore and reap every conceivable benefit. The pursuit of new information in every area of life is bringing pleasure to unprecedented heights. A computer now serves multiple purposes. It is taking over our life in a big way. The majority of things are managed and run by computers.

In all spheres of life, the computer has made labour incredibly efficient and simple. It is used by doctors and nurses to keep tabs on their patients and support medical research. The computer greatly facilitates our ability to obtain information and introduce new trends in business and industry. Additionally, it aids in the construction of large buildings, highways, and bridges.

“Hardware is what gives a machine its speed. Software is what slows down a fast machine. Bruce, Craig
The financial system benefits greatly from the computer’s services. The telecommunications system has been completely transformed. radio, fax machines, phones, and mobile devices Modern televisions are entirely computerised. Scientific experiment findings may be processed swiftly on a computer, and even the most challenging problems can be solved with ease. Rockets, satellites, spacecraft, and aircraft are all guided by it. It has a huge amount of memory. Computers are capable of storing all of a library’s book knowledge. It has the capacity to store thousands of files that are instantly accessible. There are numerous programmes on the market that we can employ in accordance with our requirements to make our tasks simple and quick.

“There is an equal and opposite advantage to every disadvantage.” — W. C. Stone
A computer has a lot of benefits, but there is also a negative side to using one. Our lives have become far too mechanised. We rely too heavily on technology and hardly ever use our brains. Internet usage is growing rapidly in popularity. Most often, youths squander their time chit-chatting and deceiving one another. Additionally, a lot of immoral and vulgar websites are visited by children. It has a terrible effect on their impressionable minds. Additionally, computers are contributing to the unemployment issue in developing nations.

Without a doubt, the modern era is the era of information technology. The speed of knowledge advancement is incredible. Every new step reveals fresh perspectives. By transforming the world into a global village, computers are playing a crucial role in our social and economic lives. Thousands of books are now accessible on a single screen. The effective use of computers can help us advance and succeed. Put future and the computer are connected. Without computers, the entire world will be abandoned.

“The increased interconnection of technological devices recreates

“A global village view of the world.” (McLuhan, Marshall)

Writing Samples for Class 10, Class 12, and Graduation on “Computer Advantages and Disadvantages”
The first mechanical computers appeared in the seventeenth century. The fact is that Charles Babbage is credited with creating the computer. The “Analytical Engine” is what he gave it. In the 1940s, the first digital computer debuted in the USA. Since that time, successive generations have sought to make the computer smaller and faster. As of right now, it has emerged as the 20th century’s most remarkable invention. Data is scanned and handled by computers very accurately. The computer has the ability to read data and store it for later use. The major parts of a computer are the motherboard, processor, RAM, monitor, keyboard, mouse, CD ROM, and floppy drive.

Benefits and Applications of Computer
The advantages of a computer are numerous. Speed and precision are two of a computer’s important characteristics. In the present era, life has gotten quite fast. As a result, the value of computers has been acknowledged in many spheres of life. It maintains a record of the items, costs, and output in industry. Additionally, it is very beneficial for engineering. It creates all types of structures, provides details on the best materials to use, recommends the greatest safety precautions, and provides precise construction costs. It helps in test execution, disease diagnosis, and medication prescription in medicine. It has worked marvels in the exploration of space, the ocean, and the earth. It gathers data on many celestial bodies, their characteristics, and weather patterns. It informs us of the riches buried deep within the water and beneath the surface of the land. We use computers to steer spacecraft, rockets, and missiles. The best typewriter, with amazing fonts and lovely output. It also offers many forms of amusement. It engages us in play, amuses us with various activities, and is enjoyable. It has worked miracles in the area of education. From the most remote corners of the globe, it can gather data for us. This world has become a global village thanks to computers. People can accept orders for their goods from customers worldwide over the internet. They can communicate with friends and family who live in distant cities or countries.

Negative aspects of computers
Computers have few physical and societal issues despite the fact that their drawbacks are negligible in comparison to their benefits. The person who must sit in front of the computer for long periods of time has stress and tension, which is one of the physical harms of using a computer. Sometimes it impairs vision. It might result in a few social ills. Our youth may access vulgar films and immoral images online.

It is simple to get the conclusion that the usefulness of computers outweigh the abuses after looking at them from both perspectives. However, by creating an ethical code and reawakening our youth’s sense of responsibility, the negative effects of computers can be somewhat mitigated. Certain workouts can be used to control its physical evils. Finally, it may be claimed that the current era is the computer era. We must make the necessary preparations for the advancement of computer technology if we hope to keep up with the rest of the world.

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