Essay on Co-education with Quotations for Class 12

Essay on Co-education Benefits and Drawbacks for FA/FSC 2nd Year with Quotes

For FA/FSC 2nd Year students, an essay on co-education with quotations is included in this post. Even though this essay isn’t very significant, I’m posting it for the Class 12 course. To enhance the impact of their English essays, FSC Part 2 students often include quotations. The proper quotations are used in the essay that follows. The identical essay can be written by students under the headings Co-education Essay with Quotations, Co-education Essay on Benefits and Drawbacks, and Co-education Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages.

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Co-educational Essay for Class 12 with Quotations

The teaching of boys and girls concurrently is known as co-education. Some of our colleges have started using this technique recently. Some individuals support this system. This system, according to them, is really helpful. Their main defence is that maintaining distinct institutions is impossible in a developing nation like Pakistan. As a result, co-education would be implemented, and existing institutions and schools would also need to admit female students.
“Education is the most effective tool you can use to alter the world,” they say. (Mandela, Nelson)

Co-education proponents assert that this system would give young men and women the chance to interact and understand one another. They would find this to be very helpful in the future. Additionally, it would be beneficial for the nation’s advancement. Another claim is that co-education would improve academic standards by encouraging rivalry between boys and girls.
“There are pros and downsides here, just like in every other country.” Jonathan Smith

But none of these arguments are founded in reality. Our educational facilities are all packed. The girl’s colleges and schools are also crowded. There is a need for hundreds of new educational facilities. It wouldn’t cost the government any more if some of these were set aside for girls.

The second defence is also fallacious. Young people won’t be able to communicate effectively in colleges if they are unable to do so at home.
The process of education is social. Learning is progress. Education is life itself; it does not serve as a preparation for life. Dewey, John

Co-education will not result in higher academic levels. The temptation to flirt outweighs the desire to read a textbook. Co-education will cause numerous issues and complexities for both teachers and pupils. Temptation doesn’t make a distinction between the teachers and the students.
“Educating a man in mind without educating him in morals is to educate a threat to society.” Roosevelt Theodore

Some people’s actual support for co-education stems from their liking of western culture and desire to be more English than the English. They must practise co-education since the West does. However, we must take into account if co-education is appropriate for us given our circumstances, culture, and religion. Definitely not. Instead of co-education, our young people need education. We must be aware that co-education may destroy both our culture and educational system. It could lead to several social ills and difficulties for both the parents of the students and themselves.

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