Essay on City Life | Life In a Big City Essay with Quotations

Essay on City Life | Life In a Big City Essay with Quotations

Essay on Living in a Big City with Quotes for FSC Second-Year Students and ADP

Here I’m providing FSC 2nd Year and ADP (BA/BSC) Students with 04 Examples of Essays about Life in a Big City with Quotations. In this paper on urban life, we’ll talk about both the benefits and drawbacks of living in a big city. For FSC students looking for a City Life essay containing quotations, this one is the finest. You will conclude from this essay on “Life in a big city” that residing in a big metropolis has both many benefits and numerous drawbacks. You should click on this site to view more English essays.

Under the headings Life in a Big City Work, Essay on Living in a City, City Life Essay, and Essay on Life in a Big City Advantages and Disadvantages, students in grades 12 and above can submit the same essay. Visit List of Essays with Quotations while you’re there as well.

Outlines for an Essay about Life in a Big City for College Students

The modern way of living is represented by life in a huge metropolis.
Life is full of attractions, amenities, and luxuries in a metropolis.
sophisticated, state-of-the-art healthcare and educational facilities.
issues in major cities.
A large city has a dirty atmosphere.
City dwellers have a restless and anxious lifestyle.
The conveniences and vices of modern life are typified by life in a large metropolis. It moves quickly and is chaotic. There are many people on the city streets. They are constantly chasing after something. They don’t have time to pause and gape. Living in a city is extremely different than living in a village. On several front lines, it seemed that the war will never end.

“No one is silent in cities, but many people are lonely.” (Fisher)
Life is full of attractions, amenities, and luxuries in a metropolis. It provides a variety of standout benefits. It provides a variety of entertainment options. There are clubs where sports and cultural literacy events go on day and night. The individuals who live in cities have access to all the conveniences and necessities of life. There are large shops, stores, and supermarkets where customers may find anything.

A large metropolis has access to the most up-to-date and cutting-edge healthcare and educational services. Modern equipment is used in the clinics and hospitals. In a large city, there are also outstanding educational facilities. Institutes, colleges, technical schools, and universities are many. Because of this, city residents are modern, wise, and well-educated. They have more employment options available to them. In a metropolis, there is a high demand for educated officials and skilled labourers in government agencies, for-profit businesses, and factories.

The most modern communication and transportation facilities are available to city dwellers. They are able to travel quickly and comfortably from one location to another. They have access to cutting-edge communication tools like the internet and mobile phones. They are well-informed about world events and trends thanks to the publications. They enlarge and deepen their perspectives. Cleanliness and sanitary conditions improve the appeal of city living.

Because of who our inhabitants are, this city is what it is. – (Plato) (Plato)
However, there are some drawbacks to urban living. Having an uncontrolled population has led to numerous issues. The majority of medical and educational facilities are not accessible to the average person. In large cities, traffic congestion has become a major annoyance. Despite incredible advancement, the average person cannot afford the modern conveniences.

A large city has a dirty atmosphere. The industry and autos damage the air by releasing smoke day and night. Food and pure water are not readily available. The cost of goods is very expensive. Despite their abundance, city dwellers are anxious and restless. They spend too little time with their friends, families, and loved ones because they are too busy. They are constantly rushing. Life in a big city is full of charms, comforts, and chances despite all these drawbacks.

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