Essay On Allama Iqbal for Class 10 Students in English

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We have a national poet in Allama Iqbal. He is, in reality, the poet of the entire Islamic world. He was born on November 9th, 1877, in Sialkot. He came from an honourable Kashmiri family. There, he received his early education. He demonstrated considerable promise even as a little youngster. He was influenced by the famous scholar Maulvi Mir Hassan while still in school. He succeeded in the Murrey College, Sialkot, Intermediate Examination. He then travelled to Lahore and earned his M.A. in philosophy there. He worked as a professor at Government College for a few days. He then continued on to England for further study. After his trip to Europe, he started his legal career. But he didn’t enjoy this line of work. He had a passion for both poetry and global issues. He was distressed to see how uneducated, unempowered, and backward the Muslims were. Iqbal was well-known at the time in the sub-continent for being a budding poet and brilliant thinker. His renown eventually spread outside the borders of his own country.

In his poetry, he communicated his emotions. He began writing his poems in Urdu and later switched to Persian. His poetry exudes optimism. He produced poems that celebrated culture. Iqbal’s poetry embodies the energy of life in every phrase. He made an effort to shake the world’s Muslims out of their deep sleep. His poetry exudes vigour and assurance. His poetry collections in Urdu include Zarb-e-Kaleem, Bal-e-Jibreel, and Bang-e-Dara. He utilised the falcon, Shaheen, as a representation of the ideal Muslim. He used the Shaheen as an example for Muslim youth to follow. He wished for Muslims to be strong, brave, always ascending, and victorious people. According to him, authentic Muslims are endowed with boundless vigour, inventiveness, lofty ideals, a hard life, and a passion for pursuit. He gave us the motivation to live a life of resistance to evil’s forces.

The concept of a distinct Muslim state in the subcontinent was proposed by Allama Iqbal. He thought that the two countries could not coexist peacefully in one state. He had constant communication with Quaid-e-Azam. However, he was not meant to live to see his desire fulfilled. He passed away on April 21, 1938. In Lahore, he was interred close to the Shahi Mosque. Every day, the nation gives him a wonderful tribute.

The greatest poet of our time as well as one of the finest poets of all time is Allama Iqbal. He was an intelligent man, a great philosopher, and a significant political figure.

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