Essay on A Visit to a Fair for Class 10 in English

This article includes a sample English 10-level essay on going to a fair. Junior Class students can use it to study for their exams. In class 10, students have the option of writing an essay or a paragraph. This essay is intended for students who are ready to take on the Essay.
Essay for English 10th Class on A Visit to Fair

Near our community, a sizable fair is conducted each year. It is celebrated in honour of a saint. On the first Thursday of Harh, it is removed (Punjabi month name). Thousands of people from close and far attend it. I watched it last year. The fair was in full swing when I arrived. There was a huge crowd of people everywhere. Men, women, and children of all ages travelled from a great distance to attend the fair.

In the open space, there were two lengthy rows of temporary stores. They had a variety of candies, fruit, toys, and beautiful items on display. Customers flocked to the confectioners’ stands in large numbers. There were also a lot of hawkers. This transient Bazar was traversed by a steady stream of adults, females, and kids.

Everywhere was quite noisy. Everywhere I went, loudspeakers played well-known folk songs, and I could hear flutes and drums banging loudly. Whistle blowing and hawkers’ shrill screams could be heard. People who had come to the fair shouted their greetings. Hearing the roar was an odd experience. The sound was audible. Noise was heard everywhere, including within stores, stalls, shrines, and on the streets, in open areas, and on grounds.

The people were shopping and having a good time. Scouts and cops were present. They are here to keep things in line. There were numerous types of entertainment. There were merry-go-rounds at one of the ground’s corners. The crates were crashing nearby. In a big tent, a movie was being shown. The villagers were amused by a juggler’s tricks. He was bouncing over the cords. Then I witnessed acrobats pulling off amazing feats of strength while being accompanied by drums. A magician was performing his skills in one of the corners. A travelling circus was also present. A snake charmer caught my eye as I moved forward. He was surrounded by a group of peasants.

I travelled home that evening. I passed a number of lines of joyful locals on the way. They were making their way home while carrying their purchases.

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