Essay on a Cricket Match with Quotations for Class 12

Essay about a Cricket Game with Quotes for Class 12

An essay on a cricket match with quotations is included in this article for FA and FSC second-year students. The quotes are positioned where they belong. This essay can be written by Class 12 students who enjoy using quotations in their English essays. With regard to exams, this essay is not significant. You could, however, look through this list of English essays for second-year FSC students.
Essay for FSC 2nd Year on Cricket Match with Quotes

I had the opportunity to watch a one-day cricket match between our national team and the Indian side last month. Our college scheduled a day off so that we could attend this game. Two days before to their arrival at the stadium at nine o’clock, we had purchased the tickets. We were quite aback by how crowded all of the enclosures were. People of all ages, genders, and walks of life had gathered to watch this contest. We were lucky to get seats close to the commentary box.
“Cricket is a pressure-filled sport, and the pressure is twofold during an India-Pakistan encounter.” — Imran Khan

The game kicked off at ten o’clock. The toss was won by Pakistani team captain Waqar Younis. He requested that the Indians start the game. The Indian team’s opening batters were both seasoned players. But they were unable to perform with assurance in front of the Pakistani bowlers. Waseem Akram and Waqar Younis, two fast bowlers, were greatly aided by the pitch. They had two wickets for only ten runs in the opening five overs. It seemed unlikely that the entire Indian team would be able to score even 100 runs. However, Tendulkar and Laxman’s cautious batting offered their team strong support. Waqar, however, changed things for the better by adding Mushtaq from the collegiate end. In his first over, he claimed the crucial wicket of Laxman thanks to his ball’s quick turn. Our squad was playing excellent defence and taking advantage of their home field. When Shoaib made a really challenging catch, people cheered and danced. Rashid, our wicket keeper, put in a fantastic effort by stumping out three Indian players. The final three batsman were caught behind the wickets, while the final two were run-out. After just a hundred and fifty runs, the entire team was finally out.
Champions don’t sleep because of the immortal spirit that keeps them awake and aware.

The interval between the two innings was one hour. We also ate lunch together. The stadium was lovely. Particularly, the women’s enclosure had a very appealing appearance. The national flags and banners were being waved by people while they held them in their hands.
“A true batsman should tell the truth about himself in the majority of his strokes,” Mr. Neville Cardus

Pakistan began their innings, as Shahid and Saeed entered the pen. The objective was rather simple, and our batters played aggressive shots right away. The Indian team’s captain attempted a number of bowlers one after another, but he was unsuccessful in breaking the pair. 80 runs were scored by each of the openers. Then came the legendary Inzi and Yousaf, who enjoyed striking the ball very hard. People cheered and leaped from their seats whenever they scored a goal. Pakistan defeated India by seven wickets in this manner. Shahid was named the game’s best player. It was a game we will always cherish.

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