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Earn Money from Podcast Hello friends, welcome to our blog RateListPK. Today we have brought a wonderful interesting topic for you. Today we will tell you that What is Podcast and How to earn Money from Podcast . Together you will also know that How to do Podcasting . So let’s start our today’s topic.

Friends podcast is such a thing, which is now spreading in India. Although it has spread completely abroad. But so far it has not had much impact in India, it shows that we still have time to earn a lot of money online through podcasting and can also make it our future.

Because till now it does not have much effect in India. That is why the competition in the podcasting field is very less in India right now. This is the right time that you should know every information about Podcast. So that you too can take advantage of it as soon as possible. So let’s start What is Podcast or How to Earn Money With Podcasting.

What is Podcast

Now let us tell you what is podcast? Friends, if you tell in easy language, Podcast is a Voice Recording . Suppose as you watch a video on YouTube, then we call it Video Recording. Suppose in the same way as if you are reading this article of ours, which is in Written Form.

Any type of information in the podcast is explained to the people only through audio. Like we are telling you about Podcast through this article. But we are telling you by writing in Written Form . By which you are getting information by reading.

In the same way, if we watch any video, then we are shown pictures along with voice in it. But in Podcast, any information is collected by recording only the voice and that audio recording is published on such a platform where people can listen to it.

How to do Podcasting?

Friends, every person can do podcasting very easily. First of all, you should have a good Smartphone to do podcasting and secondly you should have a good Microphone , with the help of which you will record your voice.

You get Microphones to record your voice at very cheap prices on Amazon. In this way you can do podcasting. But now the question arises that where will you publish any information by voice recording it? So that everyone can hear that information.

Let us tell you one thing here that you record the same information with your voice, the information about which you have more knowledge and the information you can explain well to the people through your voice. You have to choose the field according to your choice, which knowledge you have more knowledge about and which knowledge you can explain well to people.

Where to Post Podcasts?

So let us tell you that there are many online platforms where you can upload your audio. From where everyone can listen to your recorded audio again. such as Podbean.com . By visiting this site, you can upload any podcast you have created.

There are also many such platforms, where you can upload podcasts by spending money, because in these places you get many types of Advance Features. But we would advise you that if you are new and want to podcast, then use the free platform.

Because first you have to learn how podcasts are made well and how they are published through these platforms. When you are fully experienced, now you can use any Paid Platform according to you to publish the post of Podcast.

Let me tell you one thing here that as we start any website, we take web hosting for it. In the same way, we need Podcast Hosting to upload our audio content. Because we need hosting to collect our data.

So you can start podcasting by going to the free platform. So that you get some experience. Then you can upload podcasting by going to a good platform, by investing money according to your budget and you can also promote it as well.

How to Earn Money from Podcasting | How to Monetize your Podcast?

Friends, there are many ways with the help of which you can monetize your podcast and earn a lot of money from it. Many people are earning a lot of money from their respective podcasts in different ways, using every method. Let us know about all these methods.

1. Affiliated Marketing

Friends, this is a very good way to earn money from your podcast, you can also send a link of the product to the members listening to your audio according to their need. So that he will definitely buy something through that link.

In this way you can do Affiliate Marketing and earn money through your podcast.

2. Sponsors

Friends, you can also earn a lot of money from sponsors. If your podcast is very popular and favorite among people, big companies will contact you to promote their product to your members.

So that you can charge any amount as per your wish. Because these companies are very big. They spend a lot of money to promote their products. So by using this second method, you can earn money from your podcast.

3. Donation

Friends, this method is very good, if the engagement with the users in your podcast is very good, then this method will prove to be very beneficial for you. If you are giving very important and helpful information to your users through your podcast.

So if you appeal to the user to give you a donation, then he will not back down at all. Because if you work very hard in your podcast field. So every user will know completely about you and he will definitely support you. That’s why you can earn money through donation too.

4. Podcast Subscription

Friends, in today’s time everyone uses this method. If your podcast is very famous, people love to listen to your podcast. So you can also keep Monthly Podcast Subscription for your users.

If the number of subscribers in your podcast is very high, then you can take Monthly 100-200 from each person. Suppose your subscriber count is 2000 and you take ₹ 100 per month from each person, then you will easily earn ₹ 200000 per month.

5. Online Course

Friends, this method is very much in trend nowadays, you can give knowledge to people through your voice on your podcast. But at the same time you can also promote the course created by you.

If people have full faith in your podcast and any information you provide is beneficial to people, then many of your subscribers will definitely buy your course, from which you can earn a lot of money.

We are telling you all this because in today’s time competition has increased everywhere in every field. But podcasts are something that has not had much impact in India yet. Still many people do not know what is podcast after all.

You can take advantage of this and make it your future too. Also you will not get to see much competition in this field. Now you have to decide whether we want to podcast or not. We have given you complete information about this.


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