Despite government help, some are worried about the costs at the Mardan marketplaces.

MARDAN: Concerns have been raised about the artificial inflation and price increase in the area.Farooq Khan claimed in an interview with The News that although the government has lowered the cost of petroleum items, local carriers and rickshaw drivers were still getting paid the same rates from the general populace. He said that while there is no price control at the district level and that the federal government has reduced the price of petroleum goods to help the general public. The district administration had a large number of ADCs, ACs, AACs, and other officials, but they were all restricted to their positions, according to Farooq. The deputy commissioner, he claimed, was never seen to the general public in the field.

Local resident Mohammad Saeed Khan claimed that while the cost of flour has fallen, the cost of roti has climbed and bread weight has decreased due to the nanbais. He continued by saying that milk is priced differently around the district.

According to him, milk was being sold by vendors for between Rs160 and Rs200 per kilogramme. He claimed that the prices of fruits and vegetables were also not subject to checks and balances. He claimed that citizens were at the mercy of profiteers as a result of the district administration’s incompetence.

Ejaz Hoti advocate, a seasoned attorney and the head of Tehreek-e- Awaz-e-Haq (TAH), claimed that the district government in Mardan had completely failed to control the inflation. He claimed that it is the responsibility of the district administration to regularly review the prices of various goods, including fruits, vegetables, milk, and meat. He stated that his organisation would set up a protest camp at Bacha Khan Chowk and also knock on the doors of the judges if the district administration did not take strong action in this regard.

The residents of Mardan have asked the Peshawar High Court (PHC) to take suo moto notice of this matter, guarantee the pricing control in the Mardan area, and offer relief to the general populace.

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