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Essay about Terrorism in Pakistan with Quotes for Second Year, FSc, Class Twelve, and Graduate

For second-year students, here is an essay on terrorism in Pakistan with quotes. This essay on terrorism in Pakistan is excellent for students in the FSc, second year, and graduate programmes. The same essay can be written by students under the headings “Essay on Terrorism,” “Essay on Terrorism,” “Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan,” and “Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan.” Visit the English Essays category to find more essays.
Essay on Pakistani Terrorism with Quotes for Second Year | FSc

“Pain is felt and the cries of pain are there.”

Threats of violence are used in terrorism to intimidate targets and reduce their resolve. The hijacking of aircraft, assassination, bombing, kidnapping, and murder are common terrorist crimes. The goal of political terrorism is to take or hold power. Surrogate warfare also includes acts of terrorism. It is a relatively inexpensive means of combat other than actual combat.

The globe was shook by American terrorism. when two American aircraft collided with the New York City’s World Trade Center on September 11. Along with thousands of innocent bystanders and hundreds of passengers, the terrorists were also killed in the building. The significant number of lives lost led to a global stand against terrorism.

Typically, terrorist groups oppose governments. Bombs and other destructive weapons are used to attack government facilities and public locations including train stations, airports, and shopping malls, among others. Terrorists want to intimidate people and spread fear. Public protests start as a result, upsetting the nation’s entire structure. Business activities come to a complete halt, severely harming the nation’s economy.

Various factors contribute to terrorism. Against Indian military and state atrocities, Kashmiris in Kashmir are fighting a holy war for their liberation.

“The humanity of the wounds thou hast inflicted is ashamed.”

To obtain freedom from India, the Sikhs in India have been engaging in terrorist activities. To achieve their independence, the Irish of North Ireland have been harassing the British administration. Israeli state terrorism is being fought by Palestinians in Palestine. The main contributors to terrorism are injustice and the persecution of the oppressed. Terrorist operations are also a result of certain governments’ bad policies.

Kidnapping heavy weapons is another tactic used by terrorists. To free the terrorist commanders and other detainees, the planes are hijacked. The governments act right away since the lives of the passengers are in jeopardy.

Little understanding is preferable to much misunderstanding. (Alexis France)

The United Nations’ eyes have been opened by the effects of the most recent terrorist attacks. Terrorism is opposed by everyone in the world. The United States has designated Al-Qaida to be responsible for terrorism in the country and has taken harsh measures. The innocent Afghan people suffered immeasurable losses as a result of American planes bombing terrorist locations in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was their major objective. The United States and other nations from around the world joined forces to fight terrorism. Pakistan additionally supported the UN in its fight against terrorism.

They are freedom fighters, if we agree with them. If they offend us, they are terrorists. A. Carl Sagan

Pakistan is experiencing an increase in terrorism. The entire country has been terrorized by suicide bombings. Numerous innocent lives are lost. Both the economy and the peace process have been destroyed by it. The government’s Pro-American policies have caused pandemonium everywhere. Since September 11, Americans have started killing Muslims everywhere in the world.

If the complaints of the victims around the world are addressed, terrorist operations might end. To settle disputes equitably, the maltreatment of the weak must end.

To combat terrorism in the nation, anti-terrorist forces might be created. To end terrorism, the illegal importation of weaponry and money must be stopped.

“Through your harshness and injustice, humanity is tramped upon and divested.”

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