Cotton Prices / Phutti prices in Pakistan Today 2023 Latest Update

Pakistan relies heavily on the export of its cotton. Find the current market value of cotton (phutti) in Pakistan here in 2023. The market price per maund bag or kilogramme is updated daily for your convenience. Cotton is a highly sought-after cash crop and “white gold” in Pakistan, making it a popular choice among farmers.

Knowing the daily market rate of cotton is essential for making a profit. Pakistan’s textile industry also depends on the country’s cotton harvest. Bales of phutti (seed cotton) are gathered from all over the country. Total bales are another indicator of production quality. Cotton is known as Kapas in Pakistani Urdu.

In both core and non-core areas, the sowin period for cotton typically extends from mid-April to mid-October. From October until about the middle of January, cotton and kapas are harvested.

The Agriculture Ministry of Pakistan annually reports the country’s cotton output.

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Phutti or Cotton Prices in Pakistan’s Four Most Populous Provinces Currently: March 31st, 2023

The minimum support price for cotton was set at Rs 8,000 per maund by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC).

Disclaimer: These phutti prices, also known as cotton prices, were collected from local government outlets. Depending on market conditions, the price may change.

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The cost of cotton, also known as phutti, in KPK and Balochistan provinces will soon be made public.

Phutti on the Market for Sale

Most farmers wait for cotton prices to rise before selling their crop to buyers. The government provides backing in the form of a set purchase price. To negotiate the purchase of the phutti, brokers will also travel to farmers’ deras. Cotton prices fluctuate based on the type and state of the crop at the given location.

I’ve provided links to the current cotton prices in the Pakistani cities you specify. Feel free to share and comment below. Thanks.

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