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Excellent Notes for FSc Class 12 on Pakistani Corruption Essay with Quotes
Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-As: The Prophet of Allah (pbuh) denounced both the giver and the receiver of bribes.

The absence of integrity and virtue is corruption. A society without law and order is typically corrupt. People in these societies attempt to labour for their own personal gain while doing their tasks poorly. Corrupt people disregard the law and use wicked tactics to achieve their objectives. Morality and politeness are abandoned. The term “corrupt society” refers to a society where such individuals predominate. These folks are responsible for numerous social ills. No action can be successful unless corruption is eradicated. A flea that feeds on the blood of the people and the nation is corruption. For the benefit of the nation, harsh measures should be adopted to eradicate corruption from society.

The root causes of corruption are numerous. Anyhow, accumulating ever-greater wealth is the only reason for corruption. People believe that corruption is a quick way to success. To achieve this, they employ various nefarious techniques. In practically every area of life, corruption has become fashionable.
We put the great ones in public office and hang the petty thieves,” said Aesop.

Ignorance is the most obvious factor in corruption. There are a lot of uneducated people in Pakistan. They are unaware of their obligations and rights. Because they don’t comprehend national activities, they don’t show any interest in them. They lack the sense to choose trustworthy representatives. Corrupt individuals consequently ascend to the throne. These legislators fight for their own interests rather than fighting for the welfare of society. They don’t bother using appropriate methods to achieve their goals. Instead, they use dishonest methods to achieve their goals. As a result, corruption is widespread in society.
Youth have a responsibility to fight corruption. Kurland Cobain

Another reason for corruption is poverty. When they are unable to meet their requirements, the poor become corruptible. Their salary is insufficient to meet all of their needs. The individual who is unable to provide his children with food and medicine does not care about morality. He is readily persuaded to commit sinful activities.
“Revolution and crime are the offspring of poverty.” (Aristotle)

Another factor contributing to corruption is the unequal distribution of income. In Islamic civilization, a tax known as zakat is levied on the wealthy and distributed to the underprivileged. No one was that impoverished during the golden era of Islam to qualify for Zakat. Therefore, public welfare projects were funded using zakat funds. People no longer give alms or pay zakat. And as a result, wealth is distributed inequitably.
“Corruption and bribery must be eradicated with an iron fist; they are like poison and a terrible illness.” Muslim Ali Jinnah

The following action can contribute to the eradication of corruption in society. First and foremost, the government needs to make serious efforts to promote education. Second, the government needs to strengthen the nation’s economy. Poverty in society would end thanks to the improved economic situation. The government should promote investment in this respect. Furthermore, those who are corrupt should face harsh penalties. For the purpose of eliminating corruption, the anti-corruption department should be made active and efficient.

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