Complete Essay on Unrest Among Students

An essay about student unrest for second-year FA, FSC, BA, and BSC students

For students in various subjects, here is an essay on student unrest. The same information could be written with other titles, such as Essay on Student Unrest, Essay on Student Unrest, and Essay on the Causes and Solutions of Student Unrest. Describe the causes of the agitation among the students.
Essay for Graduating Students on Student Unrest

Students today do not feel content. We observe their agitation. They launch strikes on a variety of pretexts. The issue of student unrest is prevalent in underdeveloped nations. No nation is exempt from it. The student strikes have taken on a worrying scenario in our nation. The kids’ daily demands are extensive, as we discover. They want to be satisfied. When their demands are not met, they strike. Some of their requests are legitimate and real. But the majority of them are unfounded.

There are significant causes behind the student strikes. Nobody can be on their side. The study work is put on hold during these strikes. The students create a parade after congregating. They cross the line separating their institutions. They shout insults at the administration and stage demonstrations against its policies. The cops are abused, and stones are thrown at them. The buses are burned, and the public property is pillaged. Traffic is obstructed. They take the law into their own hands and endanger the public in this way. These strikes result in violent altercations. The cops frequently “Lathi Charge” them. Even priceless lives might be lost on occasion. Every government now faces a problem as a result of these strikes.

Let’s examine the national context of the reasons behind the dissatisfaction among students. Student unrest has a variety of causes.

First, our social and economic problems are related to the dissatisfaction among students. Its nation is a capitalist one, and our social and economic ideals are changing quickly. Unemployment, inflation, and the decline in moral and spiritual values are the results of capitalism. These factors cause a certain level of frustration in our young guys. After completing his schooling, an educated person does not immediately find employment. He is unable to come to terms with this. He needs to fulfil his own goals and aspirations. He gets restless when his goals and wishes are not achieved. To colleges and institutions, this annoyance spreads. The impact on the students is significant. They strike as a way of expressing their annoyance.

Second, our students must complete lengthy, extremely challenging coursework. They have nothing to do with life. The books the students are reading are boring to them. They choose not to attend class because they feel it is a mental strain. They skip class and attempt to relieve themselves by participating in strikes. They are temporarily relieved from the monotony of literature thanks to the strikes. They find some humour in it. If the instruction is made engaging and fascinating, the situation can be improved.

Thirdly, we must pay attention to some of their issues since they are quite real. The biggest issue is transportation. This issue has caused a tremendous deal of student unrest in recent years. The pupils lack a means of transportation to get to and from the colleges. There aren’t enough buses available from the government for them. They can choose from a few buses. The cost of the bus fare has been reduced for the pupils, nevertheless. This concession has not been used to its full potential. The students’ transportation providers do not fully cooperate with them. The students are assaulted and handled roughly. The barbaric conductors turn down their request for this accommodation. When the transporters treat them badly and abuse them, the students stage protests and strikes. Numerous additional issues are faced by the students in their setting.

Fourth, there aren’t enough athletic and educational facilities for the colleges and universities in our nation. Teachers, playgrounds, libraries, and laboratories are in short supply. These elements are to blame for the students’ lack of discipline.

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