Best Essay on Value of Discipline | Importance of Discipline

Essay on Importance of Discipline | Value of Discipline for Class 10, Class 12, and Graduation

Here is a discipline essay sample that you can use for graduation, class 10, class 12, and other academic levels. The purpose of this essay is for the student to explain the benefits of discipline and demonstrate its significance in the life of the average person. This essay also includes other discipline-related examples. The following is an essay on the value of discipline and its importance.
Essay on Value of Discipline | Essay on Importance of Discipline with Outline for Matric, FA, FSC, 2nd Year, Intermediate

To exercise discipline is to act in a systematic way. It is the rigid observance of specific laws and ordinances. The way that the universe functions exhibits a high degree of discipline. Our sun, moon, and stars all follow a predetermined pattern and are subject to God’s will. The seasons change in a predictable way. On the trees and plants, the flowers bloom and the fruit ripens according to schedule. The rivers and the oceans move in a timely manner as well. If people start acting erratically, the universe will inevitably become chaotic.

Every area of life requires discipline. Quaid-e-Azam, our beloved leader, has fervently championed the cause of discipline. According to him, a nation can advance by upholding the values of discipline, faith, and unity. Islam, our religion, also exhorts us to promote discipline and cohesion among our members.

The significance of self-control in lslam is first. Self-knowledge is the foundation of self-discipline. Man must be fully aware of himself. We must rigorously discipline ourselves. We ought to work to improve our conduct’s flaws. We must identify what is wrong and work to prevent it. Self-discipline entails a desire for improvement in oneself, an admission of frailty, and resolve. Everybody respects and loves a man with good habits.

In schools, discipline is taught. Teachers control a student’s work and leisure activities. He is not permitted to disregard the rules governing the schools. For the sake of his career, the student must learn to lead a well-disciplined life. The father of the man is a child. Man should be treated like a kid if we must chastise him.

In the army, discipline is a necessary condition. It is meticulously kept. A split second of hesitation could lead to catastrophe. A poorly disciplined regiment may cause defeat and embarrassment for the entire country.

The development of society and the spread of civilization depend on discipline. It is incorrect to imply that discipline means denying personal freedom. Discipline does not imply absolute power. Every community has its own set of laws. The unit of society is the individual. For society to function properly, each person must abide by these laws.

A nice illustration of discipline is found in games. Discipline is taught and upheld on the playing fields. Each player on the team must play the game for the team, not for themselves. Similar to this, every member of a society has to abide by its rules, even if it means putting aside his own interests. A society cannot allow its members to act however they like. Religious, political, economic, social, and educational laws and regulations must be followed in all organisations in order for society to advance. Discipline issues result in disorganisation, greater ignorance, and inactivity.

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