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Essay about technical education with quotations for classes 10, 12, and graduation
“Science is a key that opens up a store of nature for mankind.”

Today, in a time of fierce rivalry and laborious work, ordinary education is sadly insufficient to provide a man’s living. There are countless guys with general education backgrounds, and every area that can accommodate them is crammed to capacity. Unrest and unhappiness are spreading daily, and the unemployment issue is becoming more acute by the day.

Teaching students and others a practical skill or mechanical art is known as technical education. It offers instruction in carpentry, weaving, agriculture, medicine, and engineering, as well as trades and commerce. It helps to satisfy the demands of the machine-dominated world of today. Those who receive such schooling go on to become technicians or technical specialists.

Modern society places a high value on technical education. It generates technicians, doctors, engineers, and constructors. It encourages societal and economic development. People start to believe in the worth of labour. If we have our own technological expertise, we can save a lot of foreign currency.
The origin of science can be found in the human need to wonder.

Pakistan is weak in technical education. Men who can only be clerks are produced by our schools and colleges. Our young people want for office work. They detest working in manufacturing and despise picking up practical skills. This is the reason why the nation’s unemployment rate is rising. Pakistan’s poverty is a result of the undervaluation of technical education. Despite the abundance of raw materials in our country, we are unable to take advantage of them because we lack the necessary technological skills.
“Science is nothing but organised common sense that has been schooled.”

To meet the requirements of the expanding population, there must be abundant output. Mechanized farming, insecticides, pesticides, and fertilisers are all highly popular and widely used. The need for sufficiency is urgent, but all these strategies have tarnished the purity and value of natural things. Because of constant cultivation, cultivated lands fail to generate the necessary amount. Long-term usage of these substances has proven to be harmful.

The atmosphere and water on earth are being contaminated by factories that create hundreds of everyday items. This contaminated water is used to irrigate crops, which is harmful to human health. We are losing our riches, which is our health.

Our minerals have been removed from the soil through excavation for various reasons. In order to build homes, markets, and workplaces, man is depleting the earth’s resources and polluting it. We are destroying the environment and contributing to pollution in many ways.
“Air pollution’s health impacts put human lives at danger.
This fact has a lot of documentation.

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Second Essay on the Value and Importance of Technical Education in Human Life

A subset of vocational education is technical education. It is crucial to the advancement of a person, a society, a country, and a whole nation.

Technical education strives to give us knowledge and training in a variety of skills that are useful to us in the real world. It aids in our ability to support ourselves.

The existence of the modern man depends heavily on technical knowledge. The only reason that countries like America, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, and China are wealthy, prosperous, and advanced is because of their advancements in technical education.

Engineers, physicians, architects, mechanics, and professionals in a variety of fields are all products of technical education. In a society based on industry, they are tremendously helpful. It creates knowledgeable workers who contribute to a society’s success.

We can increase our nation’s material resources through technical education. It encourages material success. It helps to grow our economy. It is very beneficial to education. People have started to believe in the worth of labour thanks to it. If we have our own technological expertise, we can make a significant amount of foreign currency.

A nation’s ability to be wealthy, powerful, resourceful, and strong is greatly influenced by its level of technical education. But a man becomes a machine with too much technical schooling. A man is unsuitable for other occupations because of his specialised knowledge. We should receive spiritual or moral education in addition to technical knowledge in order to make it relevant. A lack of spiritual or moral education renders no education as complete.

Pakistan’s poverty is a result of a lack of technical education. Despite the abundance of raw materials in our country, we lack the technical education necessary to reap their benefits. Therefore, we should build increasingly more technical institutions around the nation. We should also use the media, particularly radio, television, newspapers, and the film industry, to spread the notion of the dignity of work among our educated young men.

To sum up, a nation’s advancement in every area is reliant on its development in the area of technical education. An important factor in a nation’s economic and industrial development is technical education. We must build more and more technical institutions in the nation in order to provide our educated youth with technical education and training in a variety of skills if we want to make our nation and its citizens wealthy, affluent, and strong.

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