A Picnic Party Essay for 10th Class and 2nd Year Students

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Essay on a Picnic Party for Top Students (2nd Year)
A picnic can be characterised as a joyful outing. Man has no time to spend with nature because of his busy daily schedule. People are at work all day. They have little interest in aesthetic forms. A trip is required to make life enjoyable in this miserable situation. After such an event, everything we do takes on a new vigour. Therefore, such activities are necessary to increase our productivity at work.

Life isn’t a picnic unless you’re at one, said Jane Wagner
We decide to spend a Sunday on the banks of the Indus River with our pals. We quickly finalised the plan because the thought of eating ripe mangoes along a river had us so intrigued. We were all eager and enthusiastic about going on this trip. The following Sunday, we rolled out on our bikes and headed in that direction. The sky was cloudy. We felt really joyful and excited as the cool breeze caressing our faces. It was just a relaxing ride.

When we arrived at our location, we set our belongings down under a pleasant tree with shade. We put on our life jackets and dove into the river. In the river’s chilly water, we were ecstatic. We were even more happy when it started to drizzle. It was an amazing feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. We played in the water for a while. We then decided we should eat something because we were now feeling hungry. The plump and sweet mangoes whetted our appetite as we emerged from the pool. We ate them up and relished them.

Few things are as enjoyable as a picnic enjoyed in complete luxury, according to W. Somerset Maugham
We rested for a while before jumping into the river. We got the swimming, diving, and rowing competition going. We had an excellent time. Eventually, a decision was made to eat lunch. We ate the salad and roasted chicken. We played a few games there after lunch. We were worn out after playing games for a while. We reclined on a mat to rest for a while. We quickly fell asleep. We awoke in the evening. We prepared to go by loading up our belongings. It eventually started to pour severely. The brilliant and stunning vista of the river was hidden by the persistent rain. Summer rain was pouring down as we rode home. This really was a great day that we will always remember.

“However, nothing can bring back the hour of glory in the flowers and splendour in the grass.”

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  1. Simple Essay A Class Picnic for 10 Students
    A picnic is a happy outing. Today’s man leads a hectic existence. He is employed all day. He needs a trip to liven up his life in this state. We discover a fresh zeal in our actions after such an outing. Consequently, the picnic is essential for us.

I planned to spend the day on the banks of the Indus River with my pals. With this strategy, we were pleased. We want to consume as many mangoes as possible. The following Sunday, we arrived at the river’s bank. On that day, the sky was cloudy. We dived into the river after donning our life jackets. In the water, we felt fantastic. It soon started to drizzle. We were overjoyed. We played in the water for a while. When we became hungry, we went outside and ate the sweet mangoes and other foods we had packed.

We rested for a while before reentering the sea. We started rowing, swimming, and diving. We had an excellent time. We eventually started to get hungry again. We left once more. There was a delicious lunch ready for us. We had some light games after lunch. We were now quite exhausted. Soon after that, we were sleeping peacefully. It started to rain in the evening. We prepared to go back. In the pouring rain, we returned home. We will always cherish and remember this great day. Even still, there are times when I think back to that day and smile. I also miss my companions on this outdoor trip, my friends.

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