20 Best and High Paying Content Writing Jobs

If you also want to start your career with content writing, then read this post of ours carefully because today I am going to tell you about 20 such best and high paying content writing jobs and also about such platforms. From where you can earn good money by doing content writing work sitting at home.

Writing is an art that has been going on for centuries, in the olden times people used to use letters to convey their thoughts to others. The people of that time used to give their thoughts and their thoughts in the form of words, which is called the content of the letter.

If you love to write, you can take up writing. There is a chance to earn money sitting at home in the work of writing. In today’s time the demand for good writers is increasing day by day. Now that time is very old when the demand of writers used to be only up to a limit, they could show their art of writing only in newspapers or books.

Now the time has changed and today the demand for writers is also increasing in almost all the fields. Now you do not even need to go anywhere for this work, you can do this work from the comfort of your home.

Content writing is like a tree, there are many different branches out of it and today we will discuss about those branches.

20 Best and High Paying Content Writing  Jobs

  • Technical  writing

Technical writing is a branch derived from content writing, in which writers express the information of technical products in great detail and in easy words. The subject first has to do complete research about that product and then the writer prepares its concept.

Technical Writer has to give all the information about his product like Features, Specifications, Launching date etc. of some product.

Demand for Technical Writer is in most companies, most tech companies hire Technical Writer, so that they can explain their product to the people in easy words.

  • Blogger

Blog which is also called weblog Blogging is very famous for Content Writer Blogging is very easy which everyone can use. To do the work of blogging , you only need a website, in which you can write different types of content, such as Travel, Digital Marketing , Lifestyle, Education etc.

Today, about millions of people do blogging and are earning a lot of money from it, so if you also have a passion for writing and you also want to earn money, then Blogger can prove to be a good option for you.

  •  Blogging Post Writer

The demand for Article writers and Blog Post writers is increasing day by day and there is only one reason for this, the increasing popularity of bloggers on the Internet day by day.

If you have very good knowledge about any particular topic and you know how to write in a very attractive way, then you can become a Blog Post Writer .

Actually Blog Post Writers write their content in great detail with many Headings and Subheadings in their article, so that the readers of Blog Post can understand it very easily.

  • Resume writing

Nowadays the demand for resume writing is also increasing day by day because whenever someone applies a job in any institute or company, there is a demand for attractive resume at that time, in such a situation, the candidate takes help from the resume writer.

A resume writer prepares a resume by looking at the qualifications and skills of the candidate, so that the interviewer can be impressed by reading his resume.

  • Science writer

Those who write on topics related to medical science and technology are called science writers . In these, reports are prepared according to the data by Science and Research.

Science writers are mostly demanded by scientists and researchers because they need to write articles on the research done by them. To become a science writer, it is necessary to have a good hold in science.

  • Web Writer

Nowadays people resort to websites or magazines to get even small information. In such a situation, the demand for web writers is increasing rapidly. Initially, there was a demand for writers only in the cities. But now the demand for web writers is increasing even from small towns to work online .

  • Creative writing

Creative writing means writing creative aspects. Those who have creative skills, they express feelings with the help of their imagination.

Creative writing really shows that he is different because he sees the world with different eyes, I think of the future today and weaves a new story with my thoughts.

Nowadays the demand for creative writing is increasing for works like novels, poetry and plays. If you have the skill of expressing emotions, then the job of creative writing is perfect for you.

  • Script writer

Whenever someone talks about making a film or a play, there is definitely a demand for a script writer because it is impossible to make a single film or play without a script writer .

Writing a script is a fun job in itself, you can prepare a script by taking ideas from your life experience or anywhere from the story of the film or video in your own words.

Nowadays there is a demand for script writers to make videos on YouTube, Instagram  etc.

A script writer can work in various fields, such as commercial film, short film, advertisement, short film, YouTube web series etc.

  • Business writer

In order to make most of the big companies aware of their company’s plans, proposals, stock-market etc., they have to be business writers.

It is needed, so that he can spread the information of these things to the people in detail.

To become a business writer   , along with writing skills, one should also have the ability to do research and apart from this, it is also necessary to have a bachelor’s degree.

  • Recarch Writer

Research Writer is also known as Academics Publication. This type of writing is a special area which can be written only by a person who has deep knowledge of that subject. These papers are evaluated by Phd Holders and Professional Recacher. Which is first peer-reviewed of articles or content published in journals.

  • Editorial Writer

Editorial Writer has a very good position in the writing field . To become an editorial writer, you must have a lot of experience. So

Editorial Writer is also called Senior Writer.

Editorial Writer is needed in the form of Newspaper, Editor, Magazine editor etc.

If you aspire to become an Editorial Writer but you do not have much experience, then you should work in the initial days as an intern join in a new and small Publication House.

  • Ghost writer

Ghost writer means a writer who writes articles and content, but does not get credit for that writing work. Some writers consider Ghost writing wrong, but for some writers it is a very good option to earn money.

As a Ghost writer, you can write content like Blog, Books, Ebook etc and earn money in return.

  • Host Writer

Usually, big famous people are fond of getting their Autobiography written and that is why they hire a person to write Autobiography, it is called Host Writer .

The work of Host Writer is the task of coloring the words on blank paper to the Autobiography of a Famous Personality personality. In return, a Host Writer is given a huge amount.

Host Writer doesn’t get the slightest credit for writing an entire book. Yet today such writers are hired to write autobiography and story writing etc.

  • News Content Writer

A News Content Writer is one who works to write news related to the country and abroad, such as the content is written by the News Writer before publishing the newspaper.

As soon as a new news comes, a writer starts collecting information on that news and when all the information is gathered, he prepares a content about it and this content is printed and given the form of a newspaper. either read in news channels

  • Legal Content Writer

Often we see writers sitting outside the court or court, the same writers are called legal content writers, who work for you to write applications or agreements and content related to business. Such Content Writers only do work related to the Court.

  • Book Content Writer

Such content writers mainly do the work of writing books and write only about books. There are different types of Book Content Writers   , some book writers work to write books, while others are those who write only about books, like when a book was launched or by whom. written etc.

  • SEO Writer

In today’s era, more than 2 million blogs are uploaded everyday and millions of other websites are competing with you, so it is very difficult to rank your post on Google search. That’s why nowadays the demand for SEO Writer is increasing and SEO Post helps to rank the post quickly and easily in Google search engine. is helpful.

Platforms where you can Find Content Writing Jobs

1. Linkedin

Linkedin is a social network specially designed to connect career and business professionals. About 65 million people associated with Professional Business and Career use LinkedIn. This site envisions people from just about every country and industry from all walks of life. Fortune 500 employees also use LinkedIn.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr was discovered in February 2010 by two great men “Micha Kaufman” and “Shai Wininger”. The founders of Fever came up with the concept of the market, which provides a platform with both sides for people to buy or sell different types of digital services offered by freelance, contractors.

Services offered by Side include services such as writing, translation, graphic design, video editing and programming. All types of services offered by Fiverr start at US$5 and or can go up to several thousand dollars with gig (“gig”) extras. Each service offered is called a gig (“gig”).

3. Internshala

Internshala was conducted by IIT Madras alumnus Sarve Agarwal in 2010. Internshala provides excellent online internship to all the people present in India and it is a great training platform for the people. People can learn a lot by visiting this platform. This is a great platform for those people who are finding it difficult to find internships. Well people can do internship sitting at home online with the help of Internshala.

4. Freelancing

Due to freelancing, you can do any kind of work sitting at home like Content writing, Proofreading, Transcription, Digital Marketing etc. This is a very good platform, in this you can choose your work for work by putting beating. There is no time restriction in freelancing.

5. Work n Hire

Work n Hire  is also similar to Freelancing. In this also you can earn good money sitting at home. On Work n Hire, you will get a lot of work, content writing is also included among them.

In this, many companies who need people for content writers or any other work, then they put their add on Work n Hire, people who are looking for work, they see these add and apply for that work from home.


In today’s era, earning money from home through the internet has become even easier, in which content writing is the best and easiest option. Through which millions of people are earning money sitting at home today. The work of a content writer is very easy in today’s time.

To do this work, you only need the ability to write and do research. If you have interest in writing, then the job of content writer is perfect for you.

If you have found the information of High Paying Content Writing Jobs useful, then share it with your friends also, if you have any kind of question then you can tell us through comment.

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